Intel® Quality Document Management System (QDMS) FAQ

Available to Intel customers who purchase direct from Intel, customers who purchase indirectly through Distributors or Outsource Design Manufactures (ODMs), as well as Intel employees who work closely with the customers.
Q: What is Intel® Quality Document Management System?

A: Intel® Quality Document Management System (QDMS) – QDMS Direct Access offers our direct customers the ability to search, view, and download Material Declarations (MDDS), Product Change Notifications (PCN), and Product Qualification Report (PRQ) from a single location.
A: Intel® Quality Document Management System (QDMS) – QDMS Public Access offers non-direct customers the ability to search, view and download public Product Change Notifications (PCNs) and Material Declarations (MDDS) from a single location.
Q: How do I get access to QDMS Direct?
A: Customers who purchase directly from Intel will automatically gain access to QDMS Direct. A: Intel employees will automatically have access to QDMS Direct
Q: What is available in QDMS?
A: QDMS includes:
  • Search for Product Change Notifications by MM#, Product Code, Key Characteristic, date range, or product category. Users can choose up to two search criteria for their search. All users can view QDMS Generic published change notifications
  • Search for Material Declarations by MM#, ROHS Compliant #, Package #, Product Code, Spec Code or Package Technology. For assistance or questions, you can submit these to Product Ecology directly.
  • User can set eMail notification preferences for Inte's Product Change Notifications, including Product Discontinuance notifications, Product Support changes, etc. based on product category and/or key characteristic of the change.
  • Frequency of notifications can be selected by the user as Web only (default), Daily, Weekly, With PCN attached or Without a PCN attached. Individual notifications will include links in the email notification which will either open up the PCN file or take the User to the “My Notifications” page within QDMS, after logging into their account, where they can view the PCN with details.
  • Users can designate a language preference for e-mail notification.
Q: How do I change my notification preferences for my direct access account?
A: Updated or change user preferences and notification preferences by logging into QDMS and accessing “View My Profile”
Q: Who do I contact with questions about how to use the tool or for training?
A: You can submit your questions here:
Q: Who do I contact with problems with logging in, website, or email questions?
A: You can submit an escalation here: “Get Support” which is located in the left hand navigation bar in QDMS
Q: Who do I contact with questions about the PCN notification itself?
A: For questions about the Product Change Notice or the Products contained in the Notice, please contact your local Intel representative or Authorized Intel Distributor.

Americas Contact:
Asia Pacific Contact:
Europe Email:
Japan Email:
Q: What are the hours of support for Intel® QDMS?
A: Intel® QDMS is supported during normal business hours (8:00-5:00), Monday – Friday, Pacific Standard Time, except US legal holidays.
Q: Can I download and send my external customers PCN’s?
A: No. Information Security has mandated that no confidential content may be sent over the network to external customers.