Intel® Quality Document Management System (QDMS) Help Page - Search MDDS Database

The top section of the Search MDDS Database page provides a date range filter with a search filter. These filters determine the resulting content that appears in the grid in the lower section.

Altering results displayed. When the page loads, all the results from the database are displayed. To alter the number of viewable results per page, select one of the options in the "# Results" selection box which is located just above the grid.

Filtering results. To filter results, choose one of the options from the "Select Search Criteria" drop-down and enter the corresponding search text. You may truncate the search text, e.g. 8663 instead of 866350. Once the date range and search filters are set, press the enter key or click the Search button to complete the process. Results are shown in the grid.

Sorting columns. The grid supports column sorting. To sort a column, simply click the column heading.

Exporting search results. Search results can be downloaded as either an Excel or text format. To export the contents of the grid, click the link next to the desired format. If the option of a tab-delimited text file is selected, the contents of the entire selected grid will be exported. If you do this without putting any filter criteria in the top section, it may take a VERY long time to finish the download of the file, and the file size will be quite large. You may also choose to download an Excel spreadsheet format of your results, which will be limited to the first 65,000 rows displayed in your query.