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MM NumberROHS CompliantPackage NumberProduct CodeSpec CodePackage TechLast Update
949917Yes with Exemption9962-1.1SSDSC2KF240H6HN949917 02/08/2016
949918Yes with Exemption9962-1.1SSDSC2KF360H6DN949918 02/08/2016
949919Yes with Exemption9962-1.1SSDSC2KF480H6DN949919 02/08/2016
949915Yes with Exemption9962-1.1SSDSC2KF010X6LE949915 02/08/2016
949916Yes with Exemption9962-1.1SSDSC2KF180H6HN949916 02/08/2016
949914Yes with Exemption9962-1.1SSDSC2KF480H6LE949914 02/08/2016
949910Yes with Exemption9962-1.1SSDSC2KF240H6HP949910 02/08/2016
949911Yes with Exemption9962-1.1SSDSC2KF180H6LE949911 02/08/2016
949912Yes with Exemption9962-1.1SSDSC2KF240H6LE949912 02/08/2016
949913Yes with Exemption9962-1.1SSDSC2KF360H6LE949913 02/08/2016