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Search recommendations:
  • Search by Intel Material Master# (MM#) to deliver a single result.
  • Search by Product Code (this is also the Intel® Part Number and the number marked on the part). E.g. 80532KC, NE80546RE, QG82945GM. Results for Product Code/Intel® Part Number searches may deliver multiple search results.
  • Truncate the Intel Part Number in the search field. E.g. if you entered QG82945GME Q P69, re-enter it as QG82945GME, QG82945 or 82945.
Please refer to the Where to find Material Declaration Data Sheet (MDDS) Intel® Products article for additional MDDS information and support.

*Please note: Product must be PRQ’d and cannot be an engineering sample (ex: Q-Spec). Product Ecology will not have supporting documentation.