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Intel(R) Ethernet Server Bypass Adapter X540-T2, Retail Product Codes: X540T2BP, MM# 921443, X540T2BPBLK, MM# 921444 Intel(R) Ethernet Server Adapter I340-F4, OEM Generic, Product Code E1G44HFG1P20, MM# 904279 , PCN 114466-00, Product Discontinuance, End O
Product Discontinuance
Networking Products
Networking Products, Product Discontinuance, Please determine your remaining demand for these products and place your last product discontinuance orders in accordance with the key milestones in the PCN.
Intel(R) Ethernet Server Bypass Adapter X540-T2, Retail MM#s: 921443 and 921444, PCN 114231-00, Label, Regulatory Mark Change and Label Update
Networking Products
Networking Products, Label, Intel anticipates no impact to customers, see PCN detail for further information.