Intel® Quality Document Management System (QDMS) Help Page - Search Database
This page is reached by linking from the QDMS Home Page using Search PCN Database, or from the Direct Search Database Landing Page
There are three views of the list, Document Summary, Document by Parts and Document by Customer. Document by Customer is only visible to Direct Access logged-in users.

Document Summary has one row for every PCN document that meets the selection criteria in the section above. This allows a search by all of the displayed columns to determine the document or documents you need to review.

Document by Parts has one row for every Part in every PCN that meets the selection criteria in the section above. This allows search to find the PCN's which affect a certain part. It also has columns for Pre- and Post-change Product Codes and S-Specs

Document by Customer (only visible to Direct Access users) will display any CPNs for MM#s or Product Codes when that data is available. If the user is not associated with a Company or no matching CPNs are found, nothing will be displayed in this tab.
The Customer Part Number data comes from two sources: the CPN data from SAP is shown but cannot be altered, and an authorized user of the Parts List Maintenance module can add additional relationships of MM Number and CPN.

Regardless of which view is selected, the rows will all meet the criteria shown in the filters at the top of the page, even if that selection is not visible as a column. The columns can be sorted by clicing on the Column heading.

Clicking on the hyperlink in the PCN Number column will open the library copy of the PDF file for the PCN